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26 August 2010

SNSD `s Taeyeon And Seohyun Voice Actors For 'Despicable Me'

A few months ago, SNSD members, Seohyun and Taeyeon were chosen to dub the 3-D animation movie, ‘Despicable Me‘ or also known in Korea as ‘SuperBad.’

In ‘SuperBad,’ Taeyeon will be taking the role of Margo, the older sister in the movie.  Margo is very intelligent and not really fond of the “bad guy” main character, Gru.  After a while, Margo opens her heart to her Gru with much understanding.  Just like Margo caring for her little sisters, Agnes and Edith, Taeyeon is a born leader as she was SNSD’s ex-leader who took care of her members too.

Suprisingly, Seohyun took the role of Edith, the crazy, but shy sister of the three.  From what the staff reported, Seohyun’s image transformation was shocking.

As a bonus, pictures of Seohyun and Taeyeon with their respective characters and a recording clip was released.

Stay tuned for ‘SuperBad,’  it will hit theatres in Korea on September 16th!

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