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22 October 2010

My Sibling 4Ever

Ramai yg tanya syafiq 'Syafiq ada brpa adk-beradik
angkat ?' Syafiq jawab ada 3 orang adk angkat jew ,,
tapi ramai brpndapat syafiq ade 7 adk angkat ..
Waahh byknya mcm mana la syafiq mahu
jge smua e2 kan*3 .. Syafiq nak story ttg adk2
syafiq k ^_^

Adk Nadzirah Hani

Ini la adk angkat 1st `n pling syafiq sayang aw
  iai2 adk Nadzirah Hani yg berusia 15 tahun ..
  Memiliki sifat manja , cantik , comel , pandai ,
  penyayang , budi bahasa , ikhlas `n anymore ..
  Ini mmbuatkan syafiq tringin jdikan dye adk
  angkat syafiq ..  Syafiq knl adk nadzirah sjak
  bulan 4 tahun nie ,, mse e2 kiteorang ada latihan
  kawad kaki kadet polis .. Kbetulan mse kawad
  syafiq `n dye kawad brsebelahan ,, so klu dye
  ada buat silap syafiq yang tegur dye tapi dgn
  nada yang perlahan .. Hehe .. Mse rehat ,, syafiq
  ke tempat dye brehat dgn kwn2nya syafiq prgi
  mnta no.dye ,, time nie kiteorg blum jd adk
  bradik angkat lg br dlm proses prknlan .. Hampir
  sbulan kiteorg brknlan dh tiba msanya utk
  syafiq brthu dye yg syafiq ingin jd abg angkatnya .
  Alhamdulillah ,, dye trima syafiq sbgai abg angkat .
  Sjak ini kiteorg dh mula pnggil abg adk ,, wlaupun
  abg taw adk ada 3 org abg angkat yg lain ,, nmun
  abg nk adk taw yg adk nie adk ksyangan abg aw
 `n abg prnh jnji dgn adk walau apa2pun brlaku abg
  ttp brada d sisi adk .. Baru2 ini syafiq dpt taw yg
  abg2 angkat adk yg lain x ambil berat ttg adk lg
  cuma syafiq seorg jer yg ambil berat ttg adk ,, hope
  we sibling 4ever yea .. Abg sayang adk 

♥Sweet Memory When
Abg balik sklh sama2 dgn adk
Abg hadiahkan adk Tadybear smpena birthday adk
Abg brgmbar dgn adk
Adk sayang abg `n abg pun sayang adk
Abg call adk ,, kita brckp hmpir 1 jam 30 mnt

♥Message 4 U Sister
Ingat Tadybear ingatlah abg .. Hehe ..
Jgn nakal2 dkt sklh aw klu x abg cubit nanti
Jge diri baik2
Bljar rjin2 aw
Rmmber ur loving brother yea
Syg adk ^_^

Adk Umirah

Ini la adk angkat 2nd `n syafiq sayang aw
  iai2 adk Umirah yg berusia 14 tahun ..
  Memiliki sifat manja , comel , pandai , ikhlas ,
  penyayang `n sometimes nakal sikit aw ..
  Kenakalan e2 la yg mmbuatkan syafiq suka
  dgn pragai adk .. Hehe .. Kiteorg knal d
  Myspace jer .. Mse e2 syafiq x taw nak buat
  apa ,, so syafiq chatting dgn dye .. Syafiq
  nak ckp dgn dye yg syafiq mahu jd abg
  angkat dye tp fhm2 jew la syafiq kan pmalu ..
  Hehe .. Tp syafiq prlu branikan diri klu x
  smpai bila mahu malu jew ,, syafiq trus brckp
  dgn dye 'Blh x syafiq jg abg angkat adk?' Dye pun
  'Ok abg' .. Alhamdulillah ,, dptpun jd abg angkat
  dye .. Adk syafiq yg nie mmg rmai pmnat aw ,,
  shnggakan dye x dpt kira brapa org abg angkat
  nya ,, nmun dye brtahu syafiq yg syafiq nie ttp
  abg angkat ke-2 .. Thnk Q Adk .. Adk prnah ckp
  dgn abg yg adk x kan tinggalkan abg `n adk
  sntiasa brsama abg .. Hope we sibling 4ever yea ..
  Abg sayang adk 

♥Sweet Memory When
Adk prnah ckp adk syg abg ketat2
Abg call adk ,, suara adk cute sgt .. 
Adk msj abg dari pagi smpai mlm

♥Message 4 U Sister
Jgn nakal2 dkt sklh aw klu x abg cubit nanti
Jge diri baik2
Bljar rjin2
Syg adk

Adk CT

Ini la adk angkat 3rd `n syafiq sayang aw iai2
  adk Ct yg berusia 15 tahun .. Memiliki sifat
  manja , cantik , pandai , ikhlas , penyayang `n
  anymore .. Kiteorg knal d Myspace jer .. Syafiq
  add dye dkt myspace `n syafiq ada ckp dgn dye
  'Awk ade abg angkat?' 'Dye ckp ada seorg jer , knp'?
  'Blh syafiq jd abg angkat awk?' Dye pun 'Sure' ..
  Yyeeaahh ,, dpt adk angkat yg ke-3 .. Abg akan
  jge adk smpai bila2 aw ,, Hope we sibling 4ever yea ..
  Abg sayang adk

Sweet Memory When 
Adk pernah hangout dgn abg d Times Square 
Abg pernah call adk slama 2 jam
Adk sayang abg `n abg pun syg adk

Message 4 U Sister
Jgn nakal2 dkt sklh ,, klu x abg cubit nanti
Jge diri baik2
Focus study
Syg adk ^_^


Wwaaahh ,, x caye la sb smlam syafiq tgk followers
syafiq baru 283 ,, but hr nie dh mncecah 300
followers .. Alhamdulillah ,, thnks sgt2 kpd yg follow
blog syafiq yg x brape cute nie .. Nanti klu free
jmput2 lah dtg ke blog syafiq lg aw .. Thnks sgt2
krn jd followers syafiq yg x brape comel nie .. Hehe
Nanti syafiq hadiahkan gula2 aw ,, huhu .. Syafiq
akan cuba mncari ilham br utk mngembangkan blog
syafiq ini .. Insyaallah syafiq akan cuba yg trbaik :)

20 October 2010

SNSD’s Yuri voted #1 for glass-like skin

SNSD’s Yuri was voted the girl group member with the best skin.
A survey was conducted from September 27th to October 18th where 748 people voted on ‘The girl group member with the best glass-like skin without any blemishes?‘ SNSD’s Yuri won first place, earning 362 votes (48.3%). Second place went to 2NE1’s Dara, with 209 votes (27.9%). BEG’s Ga-Inwas third place with 167 votes (22.3%).
Dr. Han Seung Sub commented, ‘SNSD’s Yuri has clear and bright skin without blemishes or freckles. The skin is a good indication of your internal organs’ state. Yuri possesses clean and clear skin, which also means that she is in perfect health…Dara and Ga-In’s fresh faces also show that they have clear skin. Their bright skin tones can leave an impression of a gentle and cute girl.’
It’s also a neat coincidence that ‘yuri‘ means glass in Korean. Who do you think has the best skin?

SNSD’s website updated with teasers for 3rd mini album comeback!

Many of you are eagerly awaiting Shoujo Jidai (SNSD’s) release of their Japanese version of ‘Gee’ on October 20th. However, before that happens SNSD’s official website at SMTown has recently been updated with their Korean comeback with various teasers and photos for their 3rd mini album ‘Hoot’.
Currently, the only teaser photos are released for Jessica, Tiffany, and Seohyun. It seems like they’re going for a bit of a retro / Charlie’s Angels type theme with guns and weapons.

Dong-Hae Of Super Junior Confirmed For SBS Drama “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter”

Dong-hae of Super Junior has been cast in the new SBS drama “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter“.
Dong-hae will be the fourth member of Super Junior to attempt at acting. He did have a role in the movie “Attack of the Flower Boys”, but in “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter“, he will be acting alone without his members by his side.
Dong-hae will be playing the main male lead named Choi Wook-gi, who despite his hard life, stays strong and leads a responsible life. Along with CN Blue’s Kang Min-hyukDong-hae will play a member of the band.
The idol star stated, “This is my first role in a drama so I am nervous and excited. But I will work hard to show everyone a good performance.”
Are you excited to see Dong-hae act in a drama? “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter” will start airing after the currently airing drama “Dr. Champ” ends its run.

18 October 2010

SNSD Jessica’s Twitter account suspended due to anti-fans

Just three days after its creation, SNSD’s Jessica had her Twitter account suspended due to anti-fans.
The account (twitter.com/jess_syj) opened on October 13th, and it’s speculated that hordes of anti-fans falsely abused the “Report Spam” system. Users can find their accounts suspended if there are massive spam complaints sent to the “Help Centre”. Numerous anti-fans also blocked her profile.
On the plus side though, this incident reveals that the overseas popularity of SNSD has increased to a formidable presence over the years, as the group seems to have a proportional amount of haters to fans.
I guess this is just another reason why some celebrities don’t use Twitter.
Source + Photo: Newsen