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05 September 2010

SNSD’s YoonA & Super Junior’s Siwon release SPAO 2010 CF

With the 2 idol groups, SNSD and Super Junior, already coming together for the SPAO 2010 Fall/Winter collection, YoonA and Siwon are back with a 30 second CF for fans to enjoy.

It starts off with Siwon writing ‘Big Hit, Warm Heat‘, which is the collection they’re endorsing, followed by short messages and some pictures of the idols sporting some fashionable clothes from the collection, featuring Leeteuk and Eunhyuk.

Back in November of 2009, both SM Entertainment groups Super Junior and SNSD / Girls’ Generation endorsed clothing for E. Land Group’s clothing label, SPAO. They’ve been working together since on endorsing the brand since then and now they’re back endorsing the upcoming Fall / Winter collection.

SPAO has recently released the 2010 Fall Winter Making / Behind The Scenes film. The themes in the video include Family Hood, Harvard Yale, Best Wool, Star Fit Down, Romantic, Girlish, Friendly, Sporty, Preppy, Biker Leather and more.

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