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03 September 2010

Where was SNSD and SHINee spotted together?

…we have a clue:they were seen boarding the same private plane.

SNSD ,SHINee, and many other top artists from SM Entertainment were all spotted boarding a plane to Los Angeles,California(USA) today.
We scared you for a second,didn’t we?

They are  scheduled to perform at the SM Town Live Show on September 4th at the Staples Center. This is one of their many stops on the worldwide tour.The tour will make stops all over Asia before concluding the musical spectacular.

Check the other SME artists boarding the SHINee/SNSD private plane here:

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db cooper said...

kalau minat SNSD xpe... haha

Syafiq_Korea said...

Db Cooper :
Of course mnat SNSD .. ^_^