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10 July 2010

Minho's ruptured calf muscle delays SHINee's comeback

 SHINee's long awaited comeback has been teased with comeback photos with Minho's comeback photo released yesterday and Taemin's released earlier today. Sadly, it seems that despite the photos, their groups anticipated comeback will now be delayed. 
The group were supposed to hold a comeback performance in July 16th for their second album but now this date has been delyed due to Minho damaging his calf muscle.
SM Entertainment commented today, "Minho got hurt on the 7th during the filming of KBS "Let's Go Dream Team 2." Minho went to the hospital and his check-up results showed a ruptured calf muscle on his right leg, so he is a cast now."
Minho will receive treatment and the date for SHINee's comeback performance will be released on a later date all depending on the speed of his recovery.
Let's hope that his recovery is fast so the group will return soon!

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