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28 July 2010

SNSD voted to have best fanclub support

On a recent poll titled “The idol group that has the best fanclub support” held on a community website, SNSDSones. took first place with their fierce fanclub made of

The poll had a total of 6527 votes cast, and of that amount, 1888 votes (about 28.9%) were given to SNSD ranking them as the idol group with one of the best fanclubs.

Following SNSD is Super Junior with their powerful ELFS ranking in 2nd with 1761 (or 27%) of the votes.
Coming in 3rd place was TVXQ Cassiopeians stealing 1266 (or 19.4%) of the votes.

Do you feel the results are accurate? If not, leave a comment with the group you feel should be #1!

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