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24 April 2011

Wedding Akk Ailyl `n Showdown 2011

Assalamualaikum .. Annyonghaseyo

Syafiq already visit blog Aida lately ,, her blog has been changed to English Subtitles .. Waahh ,, i`m feel jealous right now because my english are not excellent compared Aida .. Btw ,, i not very healthy today .. Maybe because i pressure with Spm .. You guys don`t worry k ,, i can take care of myself .. Thanks to Adk Nadzirah Hani ,, Aida `n Dsya for taking care of me (I really Miss You Guys) .. Owhzz yea ,, i want to say "Happy Engagement" to Sister Ailyl `n Abg Aery Potter" .. I pray younger sister always Smile `n Happy with your husband..Hehe..Let`s look their sweet picture at this Link : http://www.ailylrozanna.com/2011/04/upload-yang-pertama-setelah-bergelar.html#
Straight to the point .. This entry ,, i want to story about "Showdown 2011" live every Wednesday at 9.30pm only on channel 8tv (Cehh ,, like some experience of an announcer .. Haha) In this show ,, all crew will showing their Dance moves ,, such as "Street Dance ,, Bboy ,, Robotic ,, Kpop Dance ,, Pumping ,, Shuffle `n anything else .. In this year ,, we are from "SoulStreet Crew" did not take part of this competition because we all going to war with Spm .. InsyaAllah ,, SoulStreet Crew will fight Showdown 2012 with stylemoves .. Btw ,, this year  i support from group "HMC Phlow" , "Panic Crew" `n "RokuSteps" .. Owhzz yea !! I will share with you guys all of these groups in more detail k .. Let`s cheak this out :

HMC Phlow~

HMC Phlow

Hmc Phlow started as a team in 2008 .. In group ,, their already perform in many shows and performances and already won a lot of competitions and titles .. Other than winning a lot of competitions ,, they also had represent at a lot of places around Malaysia such as Perak ,, JB ,, Selangor `n Kuala Lumpur .. Before this ,, i know that they are famous with Shuffle Dance Group in Malaysia .. It resembles in the name ,, consist of talented young dancers that fir into various music genre .. Morever ,, breakdance also can promote unity which is very important for a muliracial country like Malaysia ..

Panic Crew :

Panic Crew

Peiru Foo ,, cute right ?? Ahaha .. Yea2 i know she very cute dancer .. Panic Crew started as a team in 2011 .. They are a newly formed Street Dance Crew that consists of 5 girls such as (Facebook) Brynn Z Lovett , Christyn Chung , Tracey Lovett , Carrie Lai Hoe `n Peiru Foo .. They are currently taking part in the Street Dance competition known as 8tv Showdown 2011 `n they also are now in the top 12 .. Congrats Panic Crew .. Our styles of dance include Contemporary mm Ballet ,, Waacking ,, HipHop ,, Reggae ,, Traditional `n more .. They also want to show that by Dancing can make a living like other peoples do .. 

RokuSteps Crew

RokuSteps Crew which consists of 12 members started of in the year of 2002 as small breakdance group .. They debut their love for the art dancing in small competitions ,, battles `n performances mainly at small functions .. After2 years of building their name ,, Rokusteps finally brought themselves to a higher level after winning the 1st runner up title for "Lord Of The Floor Asia 2004" .. This was a really big achievement for Rokusteps as they were considered new to the industry .. Futhermore ,, they would also went everyone to know that dancing can also be a serious career as long as you've got the passion ..

My birthday only 2 week  ,, don`t forget to make a Birthday Card for my birthday (If you not busy with exam ) .. Hehe .. At the same time ,, full year (8 May) i started with this Blog .. Thanks For Following `n support this blog

Bbiribom !

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aidabeelicious said...

BIRTHDAY CARD!BIRTHDAY CARD! hahaha saje nyakat :)

Syafiq_Elf said...

Ahaha ,, thanks Aida for leave your comment ^_^

cik mumu :) said...

sis Ailyl looks vry nice during her wedding , rite ?! :D

Asyraf Arif said...

tak pernah tengok pun showdown before this. tapi ramai kate best. so berharap lah dapat tgk this season punyer. hehe

Syafiq_Elf said...

@Cik Mumu :
Yup ,, i agree with u ..
She very cute `n nice .. ^_^

Syafiq_Elf said...

@Asyraf Arif :
Lepas nie tgk k .. Rugi siapa x tgk ^_^

nUr _ atiQah said...

bi semua..
den pun x leh..
nice entry..^^~

Aini Adam said...

nice wedding,

btw, improve ur english language better. keep it up, syafiq!

how can I make a birthday card for you? haha..well, i'm buzy with final exam for this 2 weeks.

SITOT said...


Anonymous said...

thankk you so much dik. Aminn :)

aiman mania bieber is ELF said...

saya sokong rokusteps,,,,,chayokkkk rokusteps.........!!!

shuee-ELF said...

BTW, BUAT BIRTHDAY PARTY TAK ? hahaa. penyibuk ;p

Syafiq_Elf said...

@Nur Atiqah :
Ahaha ,, dh give up dh nak speak english lepas nie .. Btw ,, thanks yea ◕‿◕

Syafiq_Elf said...

@Aini Adam :
Thanks ..

Owhzz yea i will ..

Ahaha ,, same with me ..

Syafiq_Elf said...

@Sitot :
Thanks .. :D

Syafiq_Elf said...

@Akk Ailyl :
Wlcome my sister ◕‿◕

Syafiq_Elf said...

@Aiman :
yeah !! .. Btw ,, Rks ialah Senior kitaorang :D

Syafiq_Elf said...

@Shuee :
Owhzz yea ,, jarang gurls minat dance ..
Mybe x kot sb nak exam .. :(

Azza Rynna said...

syafiq....y u suke sangat mereka???plizz support soulution crew....dorang siyezly hebat....i like their style...sangat2

mira z said...

last episode tgok.best3
tp skrg daa balek smule kolej susah sket nak carik tv.
kat kolej nh tv kafe 24jam bkak bola!

an_Nur said...

ecx crew?? 0ho. suka gila tengok ecx ngan panic! terbaek ahh!

an_Nur said...

ecx crew?? 0ho. suka gila tengok ecx ngan panic! terbaek ahh!

an_Nur said...

ecx crew?? 0ho. suka gila tengok ecx ngan panic! terbaek ahh!

Ayano Adina said...

weyh! not bad english ko. keep it up.. but, terlalu formal la weyh....