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07 November 2010

2PM’s Junsu enjoys a coffee date… with a panda

2PM’s Junsu revealed his unusual choice for a date through a tweet on November 7th.
He posted on his Twitter, “I’m a lonely man,” along with a picture of him sitting in a coffee shop with a large panda doll. Junsu stares at the panda with a loving gaze, which gave a comedic element to his ‘lonely man’ comment.
Fans commented, “I want to be that panda,” “This is a cute set-up,” and “The way the panda is holding the cup is really cute.
Junsu has been rising as the entertainment world’s bluechip lately with his recent appearances onKBS2’s “Happy Together.” He set aside his usual chic image and gave comedic interpretations of his Daegu dialect, along with a confession about his nickname, ‘Jundyu Jundyu.’
Source: Sports Chosun
Photo: Twitter

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aNnE said...

i love panda badly!

miss hunnybunny said...

hehe.teringin nak jmpe junsu btol2 dpn mta..ag2 nickhun the cutiest..hehehe...anyway sian at junsu,npe mesti panda???hehehe

Syafiq_Korea said...

Anne :
Hehe .. Panda cute ^_^

Syafiq_Korea said...

Miss Hunnybunny :
Hehe ,, ntah la dyeorg nie ..
Sje nak brgmbr dgn haiwan kowt ..
Panda kan comel .. Hehe .. ^_^

nuR izyan said...

cutenyer junsu..he3...