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06 November 2010

Super Junior’s Heechul, Lee Teuk, Dong Hae visit Hyun Seung Min’s restaurant

Super Junior’s HeechulLee Teuk, and Dong Hae recently stopped by singer Hyun Seung Min’s new restaurant in order to celebrate its opening.
On November 5th, Heechul tweeted, “‘H (also known as Hyun Seung Min),’ the singer behind ‘Did You Forget‘, with his new store, ‘Stomach Bursting Fried Chicken.’ Together: Lee Teuk, Dong Hae, me, and Hyun Seung Min hyung!! Chicken chicken~ Soy sauce chicken felt good keke. Shall we go, go, go for soy sauce fried chicken?
Netizens that viewed the picture commented, “Ah! This person! I know him! H! Eat well~” and “This is my first time hearing of soy sauce chicken! I want to try it! Chicken and beer is the best, where is that store?

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eda. beda. shuhaidah. said...

hye! buda ini dtg uat sepah tat belog awq bule? ;)

Syafiq_Korea said...

Eda :
Hye Back ..
Hehe .. Sure .. ^_^

Miss Cloud said...

Wahh sAYA sUkee Gyler2 Ngn Super Junior!!! Sye Pn ELF!

shin-woo maff said...

sye pown ske gak!!!