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06 November 2010

miss A’s Suzy stuns in a wedding dress

A picture of miss A’s Suzy in a wedding dress has been gaining high levels of interest from netizens recently.
During November 2nd’s recording of ‘Bouquet‘, Suzy and the other members of miss A appeared on the show wearing beautiful and sumptuous wedding dresses. Suzy wore a white ruffled tube top dress, which revealed her lean shoulder profile and showcased her youthful beauty.
Netizens who found the picture replied with, “An angel that requires no words”, “From this day forward, the only ideal woman for me until I die will be Suzy”, “If there is a Kim Tae Hee in the acting industry, there’s a Suzy in the music industry.”
Meanwhile, ‘Bouquet’ has been reassigned a new broadcasting time slot to Sunday morning, just in time for the annual November reorganization.

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