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01 December 2010

Kyuhyun shares his special fan-made gifts

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun was touched by the special handmade gifts given to him by his fans, and decided to share them through his Twitter.
Recently, Kyuhyun has been busy practicing for his musical , “The Three Musketeers.” His fans made him the gifts in order to congratulate him on his musical debut. Posing with the gifts in hand and a sweet smile on his face, Kyuhyun tweeted,
I was once again shocked by my fans’ sincerity. I’m always thankful. It seems that joint support is the trend lately.
Fans commented, “Kyuhyun, I hope your musical is a big hit” and “It’s very cool of Kyuhyun to kindly responds to his fans presents

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tim said...

im crazy bout kyu hyun

Syafiq_Korea said...

Tim :
Huh why ?? Owhzz .. ahaha .. i see ..